Colonial says farewell to beloved Mr. Benkwitt (from our print edition)


Charlotte Seligman

Mr. Benkwitt joined by just a few of his many friends.

COLONIAL EVERYWHERE — Students lined the halls to give hi-fives to beloved custodians Mr. Robert Benkwitt and Mr. Albert Rodriguez. That whole day the custodians were welcomed to “thank yous” and “our school wouldn’t be the same without you.” The day was Custodian’s Day, but everything was more heartfelt than in previous years, for this year is Mr. Benkwitt’s last year with Colonial.

“I think that the Friday of Custodian’s Day was probably my favorite memory out of all 13 years I have been working at Colonial,” said Mr. Benkwitt. “I am very sad to leave Colonial after being here for so long.”

Claire Van Praagh (4V) said, “Whenever I say hi to Mr. Benkwitt in the halls, he always says hi back, making my day brighter. When I ask him how he’s doing, he always replies, ‘Just peachy.'”

Charlotte Seligman (4G) said, “Mr. Benkwitt always says to me, ‘Your majesty,’ and that always makes me happy.”

For thirteen years, Mr. Benkwitt has brought smiles to all the children of Colonial School. To everyone in Colonial, Mr. Benkwitt is more than a custodian—he is one of the students.

“When I used to go and get my mail, Mr. Benkwitt would always put plastic spiders in my mailbox to scare me,” said Mrs. Joanne Lombardi, a teacher.

This story originally ran in the June 2017 print edition of the Colonial Times.