School year sparks great memories for students (from our print edition)

COLONIAL — The school year sparked some amazing memories among students of this elementary school. Colonial is a great place to be, and now that the school year is coming to an end, children start to look back on their favorite parts of the year.

The Colonial Times interviewed students from all the classes about their top memories from the year.

Cora in class KH said that her favorite part of this, her first year in school, was playing at recess. She liked it because she got to play tons of games with all her friends.

Nora in class KM said that her favorite part of this year was Valentine’s Day. She said that she loved it so much because everybody loved each other.

Grace in KM said that her favorite part of this year was playing in physical education because she got to do cat and mouse with her classmates.

In class 1H, Caroline said that the thing she liked most this year was studying science. She said she loved the subject so much because she was able to make things and then experiment with them outside.

Kate in 1C said she really enjoyed camp-in day with her class because they were allowed to watch a movie and each received a treat.

Katherine in class 2C said the banana split party to celebrate summer reading held at the beginning of the year was her No. 1 event. Why? She got to eat free ice cream, of course.

Syrs from class 2K said that his favorite memory was giving Mr. Robert Benkwitt and Mr. Albert Rodriguez their cards celebrating custodian’s day. He liked it because he said it felt good to show his appreciation for all the great things Mr. Benkwitt and Mr. Rodriguez do each and every day.

Kellen in 3L said his best memory of this school year was when Mr. Benkwitt put a joke on the garbage can. He liked it because it was mysterious and because it made everyone laugh.

Arden in 3L said that her favorite part of the year was going to the Pelham Middle School field to have recess. She said she had so much more space to run around and play games with her friends.

Brewer from class 4G said what he liked most this year was serving as a representative in student government. He said that he enjoyed the student government job because he was able to help out the school and he got a lot out of solving problems at Colonial. He also thought that student government was a lot of fun.

Waverly in class 4G said that her favorite part of this year was when the program Journeys came to visit the school because she got to see and walk through a Native American teepee.

Sebastian in class 5H said the best part of the school year was the Top Chef project, in which students cooked dishes from their cultural background and brought them in to share with their parents and the fourth grade. He said he enjoyed the project because he got to express his culture through food and he likes food.

Lane in 5Mo said that her favorite part of the year was when her class had a fake debate because it was really funny.

Ryan S. in 5Mo said his favorite memory from the year about to end was the fifth grade’s field trip to Ring Homestead. He liked it because it was a lot of fun.

Jackson in class 5Mo said his top experience was going to the Pelham Middle School field at recess, where he could run around on a grass field.

From what Colonial students said, the 2016-17 school year offered many opportunities to make great memories.

This story originally ran in the June 2017 print edition of the Colonial Times.