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Mixed reviews on Colonial’s hot lunch program

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COLONIAL CAFI-GYMN-ATORIUM — Buying lunch is not a hassle for parents, but it may not be so enjoyable for their kids. The lunches are made at the Pelham Middle/High School complex, then distributed out to the four elementary schools for all the kids buying hot lunch. The lunch company is Whitsons.

“I really like the lunch. Some of my favorites are mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, bagel melt and grilled cheese,” said Juliet Hetzer (5H).

Unlike Juliet, Audrey Davis (4M) doesn’t enjoy many of the hot lunch options. “I only like mozzarella sticks and the stuffed cheese sticks.”

Kate Kapplow (5S) doesn’t like any of the meals. Ben Sasson (5S) agreed with Kate. “I don’t like the lunches. They make me feel sick.”

Many people have different opinions, but one of the most disliked lunch items are the cheese quesadillas.

Brewer Anderson (5S) tried the cold lunch. “I don’t like the cold lunch. I had a chocolate chip muffin, and it felt like a rock. The chocolate chips didn’t taste sweet. It wasn’t inedible, but I wouldn’t eat it again.”

Gabriel Rodriguez (1G) offered a split decision: “Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.”

Alessandra Oteri-Gloria (5S), however, enjoyed the menu. She thought that the burger was acceptable. “I forgot my lunch once, and I ate a burger. I think it’s pretty good.”

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  1. Kate Kapplow on January 3rd, 2018 7:26 PM

    loved it

  2. Gillian Ho on January 4th, 2018 1:26 PM


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Mixed reviews on Colonial’s hot lunch program