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Makerspace vs computer lab: Some miss the old computers

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COLONIAL LIBRARY — Some are sad about the disappearance of the computer lab, and some are happy campers in the makerspace.

The makerspace, with its Legos, Lincoln Logs and other building toys, replaced the computer lab in the Colonial library.

Did you like the computer lab or do you prefer the makerspace? Are you creative or techie?

Anjali Shekher said the computer lab was better. “You got to play games on the computers.”

Max Halvorson said they were both cool, but he liked the makerspace more.

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One Response to “Makerspace vs computer lab: Some miss the old computers”

  1. Kira Findikyan on January 11th, 2018 5:22 PM

    I loved the computer lab but the makerspace is fun too!


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Makerspace vs computer lab: Some miss the old computers