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Fifth graders prepare to volunteer at Colonial blood drive March 20

Helpers from a previous blood drive.

Helpers from a previous blood drive.

Colonial Times file photo

Colonial Times file photo

Helpers from a previous blood drive.

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COLONIAL GYM — Fact: One single pint of blood can save three lives.

The fifth graders and fourth graders are getting ready to greet, babysit and help with snacks at the Colonial blood drive on March 20.

Helping with snacks is when volunteers treat the people who just gave blood. Babysitting is taking care of younger children while their parents are getting blood drawn. Last but not least, greeting! The donors may help three lives. The least students can do is make them comfortable.

Skyler Austin (5H) said, “I helped with babysitting last year. I enjoyed it because I love playing with little kids.”

“I did a bit of everything last year,” said Julia Findikyan (5H). “I babysat, helped run the snack table, made thank you notes and went outside to get people to come in. I definitely enjoyed the blood drive. We got to wear scrubs and help out, which made me happy.” 

Juliet Hetzer (5H) said, “Last year, I did a little bit of everything. I loved it! It made me feel like I made a difference.”

Waverly Nanda (5H) said, “Last year I did babysitting, and I liked it because the kids were cute. I enjoyed it so much.” 

“At the Blood Drive last year, I handed out snacks to the blood donors,” said Olivia Hefner. “I made posters and babysat the younger children whose parents are giving blood. I enjoyed it very much because it felt amazing to know I was helping save peoples lives.”

Remember: Stay hydrated if you are willing to give blood, and if you have been to a foreign country recently or for a long time, you should think twice about giving.

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3 Responses to “Fifth graders prepare to volunteer at Colonial blood drive March 20”

  1. Julia Findikyan on March 18th, 2018 3:52 PM

    Great story Beanie!:)

  2. Bryn Felgner on March 27th, 2018 3:26 PM

    cool story!

  3. Kira Findikyan on March 27th, 2018 3:29 PM

    Good Story Beanie! We had a good blood drive this year:)

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Fifth graders prepare to volunteer at Colonial blood drive March 20