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School jumps $3,907 for heart health (from our mid-year print edition)

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COLONIAL GYM — This year, many children were super excited to get their hearts healthy with Jump Rope for Heart. For the fundraiser, Colonial’s target was to bring in $3,548 for the American Heart Association, but instead of raising that much, students collected $3,907, which is really good considering that the fourth and fifth graders are the only ones able to donate.

According to the American Heart Association, the program allows kids to “join exciting fundraising events where they learn heart healthy skills, have fun jumping rope or shooting hoops, and raising money for the American Heart Association. Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops For Heart events are conducted in school by physical education instructors, coaches or teachers. They can be scheduled whenever it’s most convenient—during physical education class, lunch or before or after school.”

Every year, there is a different theme across the country for Jump Rope for Heart. This year, the theme was The Scare Squad for the jump, which was held at Colonial in February before the break. The members of this little squad were cute little monsters who were pretty much the opposite of scary.

Something that was new this year was that there was not only a website to track donations, but there was also a smartphone app. On the app, you could scan little Scare Squad keychains that you earned by raising certain amounts of money. After you scanned the toy, it magically came to life on the screen!

You may be wondering what the kids thought about participating in Jump Rope for Heart, which was not only a fundraiser but an event where students did different jump-rope excercises at stations around the Colonial gym. 

“My favorite part of Jump Rope for Heart was when Mrs. Salerno and Ms. Housdan jumped,” said Charlotte Seligman, a fifth grader in 5S. “They were saying how they had not jump roped in so long, so they had a competition. Ms. Housdan won.”

“I think Jump Rope for Heart is a really good way for kids to exercise and learn how to be healthy while doing it for a really good cause,” said Kira Findikyan. “I used the online app they they set up for what I believe is the first time, and I found it much easier to donate that way.”

With Jump Rope for Heart, the American Heart Association said, “Kids learn the value of community service and become empowered to contribute to their community’s welfare. Children join together in helping other kids with special hearts.”

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  1. Kira Findikyan on May 22nd, 2018 5:12 PM

    Great Story Olivia!!

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School jumps $3,907 for heart health (from our mid-year print edition)