Colonial Times editors learn what it’s like to work at the Pel Mel on recent visit

PMHS — The Colonial Times editors received advice and council from the staff of the Pel Mel, the student newspaper of Pelham Memorial High School, during a recent visit.

While in PHMS, the editors got to interview Pel Mel editors and speak with the advisor, Neil Schleifer. One thing they learned from that trip is that the paper has been going for 94 years. At the Pel Mel, they always proofread their work, and nobody works alone because everyone has to do their part. Unlike the Colonial Times, the Pel Mel includes a photo montage page. 

The Colonial Times editors each picked a high school editor to interview. They asked questions like “How long have you been working for the newspaper?” and “What section do you work for?” The high school editors gave some writing and reporting advice: “Don’t procrastinate, and get your story done.” Also, “Branch out, and don’t  always stick to your favorite.”

“Just because you have a certain skill, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try anything new,” said Mr. Schleifer.

Jayson Reynolds, a Pel Mel art editor, said his favorite part about working at the newspaper is hearing about the news and then sharing it with the school. His favorite story to write is a sports story because he gets to write about jocks and cool kids.

“I love being an editor because I get to put my own voice into the paper,” said Caroline Franks, an associate features editor.

The 94-year-old paper comes out six times a year. The staff recently published number four. Each paper takes six weeks to report, write, design and layout.

All the kids who worked on the paper from day one back in 1925 to today have “thumb-printed the paper,” said Mr. Schleifer.

Second-year graphic design & layout editor Chris Cough said, “The best thing to do when you hit high school is to join the Pel Mel.”

The room that the two Pel Mel journalism classes use is very functional and convenient to all the students who work there. It gives students the chance to have their own personal work space and collaborate. 

First year staffer Daniela Christian, a freshman, said there are some try times when participating in newspaper. “It is a lot of stress when you have a story in the print paper because you are under pressure to finish it as soon as possible.”

Claire Van Praagh was the coordinating editor of this story.