Fourth and fifth graders aid Colonial blood drive with babysitting, running canteen, opening doors

COLONIAL GYM — The blood drive this year was great. Thank you cards were made. Blood was collected. Kids and babies were babysat. The canteen was monitored. Doors were opened.

Kids with big hearts and busy schedules all took the time to help, from fourth graders to the senior fifth graders. 

Ethan Cristea said, “I worked at the canteen, babysat, opened doors and made cards. I really enjoyed it, but liked babysitting the best.”

Waverly Nanda agreed and said, “I babysat and worked at the canteen. I enjoyed it. I liked babysitting more.”  

Laurian Cristea, a volunteer, added to the discussion, “This is my second. While here, I supervise and make sure everyone’s okay. I love it. I didn’t think I would like working with kids, but I do and I love it.”

“I think that helping out at the blood drive is important for kids because it teaches leadership and responsibility,”said Jada-Lynn Baez. “It also helps kids so that they are able to take charge.  I mainly volunteered in the babysitting area, and it was really fun. I think that doing the babysitting area is very important because you get to help out with kids and let them have fun. It also gives you a privilege of meeting new people. I think that the blood drive was really fun because we got to help out with what was needed so that the adults could relax and get their blood taken.”