Activist Joan Mulholland talks about civil rights (from our June print edition)

COLONIAL LIBRARY — Fifth grader Jamie Moskowitz, who was doing a project on civil rights activist Joan Mulholland, exchanged emails with Ms. Mulholland, who then came to the school to read a book written about her life to the fourth and fifth grade. Her son wrote the book with his college friend.

“It is nice to see the kids use me for the reports,” said Ms. Mulholland. She said she gets contacted about kids using her for their activist writing.

Ms. Mulholland said her son was tricky about not telling her he was writing the book, but she is glad that it shows how to do the right thing. She said she is not more special than other people and that her son just put her name out there. “There are plenty more people that did more than me.” 

Jamie said, “I did think I would get an email back because Ms. Norman told me that Joan Mulholland answers email and is very kind. I did like having her come to school because I thought it was a great experience for everybody. I would love more activists to come, but different kinds of activists because Joan Mulholland was a civil rights activist. I did enjoy writing to Joan  and learning about how she helped move the civil rights movement. I liked the book and how extraordinary the illustrations were.”