Fifth grade reflects on life and times at Colonial (from our June print edition)


COLONIAL SCHOOL — Six years at Colonial. This is the story for many fifth graders about to move up. Colonial School has been like a family. The fifth graders have had friends, laughs, learning, awesome teachers and more day after day. 

Field trips like Ellis Island, Ring Homestead and the Botanical Gardens were all popular recollections. Even everyday occurrences became important memories.

“In second grade, Mrs. Cavalli told us about a boy who came back from the bathroom needing help with his zipper,” said Sabine Bushong. “Some kids were laughing, but I was scared. Then she said the kids were all laughing, but the boy just laughed with them. That’s a story I always remember and try to always laugh at myself when I mess up.”

Here are the fifth graders’ favorite memories of their time at the school:

Jonah Snyder: “When in 4G, we went to Ellis Island, and we saw the huge island. I loved when we were on a ferry boat and we saw the Statue of Liberty.”

Kate Kapplow: “In Mrs. Rodriguez’s classroom, I liked when we ate Mrs. Rodriguez’s wedding cake with Skyler, Claire and Charlotte. We got to do it because we won the lottery at Pasta Night.” 

Lila Berkery: “In fourth grade, when we went to the Statue of Liberty. I loved hanging out with my friends and learning about all the cool things that happened right under us about 100 years ago.”

Gillian Ho: “Ellis Island in fourth grade because the experience was really cool just going on the boat.” 

Noah DeDomenico: “When I first met my Kindergarten buddies Hudson and Dylan. Both of their faces lit up like fireworks. That moment made me feel good inside.”

Erin Moskowitz: “In fifth grade, we went to the Ring Homestead, and we did zip-lining and rock climbing, and there was this guy named John, and he let us play volleyball, and it was a very fun time.”

Viviana Wright: “In Kindergarten, when I got my fifth grade buddy Miriam. Miriam and I would play tag or hide and seek at recess on the playground. Miriam was a great buddy and a neighbor!”

Bella Cross: “Miss McCarthy told my Kindergarten class, ‘We are going to explore the toys.’ I was confused, but then she said, ‘Meaning that you can just play with the toys.’ So my friends and I played with all the toys.”

Brewer Anderson: “Going to Ring Homestead. We got to climb ropes, obstacle courses and even do team challenges, all with our friends.” 

Sebastian Laguna: “When we went to Ring Homestead, the zip-lines were so cool. The trapeze jump was my favorite part. I jumped up and caught the rope with one hand.” 

Joe Martucci: “When in first grade I got my arms stuck in my shirt because it was cold. The intern, Ms. Zito, called my dad, but before he came my friends Felix and Malachy pulled my arms out.”

Waverly Nanda: “When I was in Kindergarten, Erin asked me to open her Gummies, and we started talking. We’ve been best friends ever since then.”

Ben Martucci: “When we went to Ring Homestead. That was the most fun field trip I have went on so far.”

Julia Findikyan: “When I met my Kindergarten buddy, Caroline. She was really excited and over the course of the year made me laugh many, many times!”

David Forte: “When we went on a field trip, I was able to touch a shark and a stingray.”

Alessandra Oteri-DeGloria: “When we did a Thanksgiving play in Mrs. Castellano’s room, and we had to dress up as a Pilgrim or Indian.” 

Sabine Bushong: “In second grade, Mrs. Cavalli told us about a boy who came back from the bathroom needing help with his zipper. Some kids were laughing, but I was scared. Then she said the kids were all laughing, but the boy just laughed with them. That’s a story I always remember and try to always laugh at myself when I mess up.”

Josie Leff: “In third grade, when I was playing a ‘main idea’ board game with another student, and we were both on the last square. Most of the class was chanting, ‘Race for the Ones!’ It was so much fun, and I won!” 

Courtland Jones: “When 4G went to the Philipsburg Manor, and we were all huddled together in the barn.”

Lark Martin: “When I was new in second grade. On the first day, I was grumpy because I thought nobody would be my friend. When I got to the door, Mrs. Cavalli told me a joke, and I laughed so hard, I almost cried.”

Charlotte Seligman: “Meeting Milly for the first time. She was alone so I played with her.  She was in Mrs. Rodriguez’s class.”

Timothy Magambo: “Making friends because it made me feel comfortable and accepted in life.”

Jada-Lynn Baez: “Helping out with Mrs. Rodriguez’s class. It is so much fun! I love to help out with anything needed, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Claire Van Praagh: “Having Mrs. Rodriguez’s wedding cake. I have enjoyed hanging out with her students for five years, and I appreciate all I have learned from her and her students.”

Olivia Hefner: “When we went to the Pelham Palace in third grade. There was a lot of Chinese food, which is my favorite type of food.” 

Kira Findikyan: “When I met Lulu, my Kindergarten buddy. She is soooo sweet and kind, and I love playing.”

Felix Caminiti: “When the fifth grade went to Ring Homestead. I thought the courses were very fun and challenging.”

Daniel Berkery: “When the whole grade went to Ring Homestead. I loved it because I got put in a group with my sister, and the zip-line was very fun.”

Ben Blake: “In fifth grade, when we got our Kindergarten buddies. I was so excited to see my buddy.”

Ben Sasson: “When we played volleyball in P.E. I thought I’d be terrible, but I was okay, and it was fun.”

Anne Perreten: “The Ellis Island field trip. I really liked how we got to go on a ferry and passed the Statue of Liberty. I loved how the field trip was educational and so fun at the same time.”

Juliet Hetzer: “The Botanical Gardens field trip. This is my favorite because it was super interesting to learn about types of plants and what they do.”

Liam Ginsburg: “My first day ever in Kindergarten. Though I might’ve had a hard time, I laugh about my parents being the Mystery Readers.” 

Ethan Cristea: “When I came in the middle of fourth grade. This is my favorite memory because I was introduced to my soon-to-be-friends.”

Kate Feldman: “When I met my Kindergarten buddy. At first, she actually liked me. But later, when I told her I had a cold, she started running away from me.”

Carlo Cipolla: “I really liked Ring Homestead because of the zip-lines and climbing.”

Jamie Moskowitz: “Making new friends throughout the year. I love this memory because I love to make my friends happy and smile.”

Aidan Sinha: “Going to Ring Homestead. It felt like a camp and was really fun.”

Skyler Austin: “Helping out in Mrs. Rodriguez’s class. I have been helping them since I was in first grade.”

Laura Gin: “At the last day of fourth grade and Ms. Johns had a lot of Lifesavers left from the state test. At the end of the day, she let us take all of the Lifesavers that we wanted. I actually found a couple of Lifesavers in my old pencil box from last year.”

Emma Bier: “When I got my Kindergarten buddy. This is my favorite memory because I love my Kindergarten buddy, and I was very nervous that Scarlet (my K-buddy) would not like me, but she does.”

Charlie Johnson: “When we went to Ring Homestead. It was my favorite field trip. I especially liked the zip-line.”

Plum Durham: “Meeting my Kindergarten buddy. I really enjoyed this program and meeting my new friend, Penelope.” 

Rhys Gracie: “The aquarium. It was really fun, and I loved seeing all the underwater animals. I saw all the animals in different ways and loved each one.”