Stuff a Bus turns into Stuff a Van

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Stuff a Bus was held here on Nov. 9, but this annual event was different than previous years, to the disappoint of some fifth graders.

Fifth graders headed downstairs to stuff stuff the big yellow bus with pajamas and books. Instead of seeing the lower grades spread out in front of a school bus as in previous years, a dark blue van was obscured their view.

Maggie Memoli (5S) said, “I felt disappointed when I saw the van. I had been waiting for when I was a fifth grader and could run out and stuff the bus.”

“It could have been better, and I think last year was better because they had a bus,” said Leo Jurcic (5S).

Lily Reid (5S) said, “If I could change anything, I would make it a bus.”

In the their classrooms earlier that morning, fifth graders separated all the pajamas and books into bags for kids who need them.

Ava Karame (5H) commented how many pajamas and books there were. “When we put all the bags in one spot, it looked like a mountain.”

After the van was stuffed, the fifth graders stood on the blacktop of the playground while the younger grades chanted, “Stuff a Van! Stuff a Van!”

Bryn Felgner (5S) said, “I felt kind of sad because everyone else got a bus, but I thought it was kind of cool everyone was chanting for us.”