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Indoor or outdoor recess?

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COLONIAL SCHOOL- On rainy days Colonial School students are inside. Many think that being inside is bad, but some think that being outside is boring.

Lily Reid said,  “I like both of them.  Outdoor recess, because you can run around. But, I also like indoor because you get to chill. I read a book when it is indoor. I also, make origami and when it is I play tag. I play with Taylor, Leo Naveen, and Charlotte”.

Anjali Shekher said, “I like outdoor better because there is a lot more to do and you get more exercise. I like to play tag and hide and seek too. I play with Naveen, Charlotte, Leo, and sometimes the other boys.

Although many people like both some people like indoor better.

Darcy Clarke said, “I like indoor because it is cold and I don’t like the cold. I like to read books. I play with all of the girls and some of the boys too.”



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Indoor or outdoor recess?