What are you wearing? The upside and downside of school uniforms

What are you wearing? The upside and downside of school uniforms

Courtesy flynnohara.com

COLONIAL — School uniforms are becoming a popular option for public schools as well as private schools. This is due to the discovery that those who wear school uniforms are more successful in academics. So is it possible that Colonial School will adopt this tradition?

Mrs Wilson said, “I think Colonial uniforms would make it more efficient for kids in the morning when they get dressed for school. But, I would make wearing the uniform optional.”

However, Todd Kerman disagrees, “I think school uniforms are an unnecessary waste of money.”

As of 2015-2016, 21 percent of the world’s schools require uniforms. Some parents don’t like uniforms because merely one can cost up to $249. So just think, if you have three kids, then the grand total for uniforms would be $747.

There is the positive fact that you don’t think about what you are wearing, but only focus on school.

Another benefit is some kids would not be teased or noticed for their clothing. For instance, if you can’t afford fancy brands for clothing like Supreme or Nike, nobody will tease you because everyone is wearing the same thing.

“No, I don’t think we should have school uniforms. It would be boring if everyone wore the same thing every day,” said Francesca Messina.

Brayden Clark said, “It would be difficult to do P.E. if you have a baggy uniform. And it’s nice to see what other people are wearing instead of everyone wearing the same thing.”

The tradition of school uniforms started in the late 1990s when schools started experimenting with uniforms. They were an instant success in some places.