Lunchtime Enrichment is coming to an end for this year

COLONIAL — Lunchtime Enrichment is coming to an end with the arrival spring. Many students took the courses at lunch.

Reen Dolan (3L) said, ”I take this thing called Decorate with Flower Bake.”

Anna Shiels (4M), who really likes Decorate with Flower Bake, said, ”It just gives you a break from the normal lunch schedule, and it’s just nice to do different things during lunch especially when it is cold outside.”

In Decorate with Flower Bake, you bake fun things.

Lexi (2D) said, ”I do Comic and Pop Art on Wednesday and Architecture on Fridays… I really wanted to do magic, but it got all full.”

Lunchtime Enrichment will be back again next fall.