An inside look at PMHS’s school paper the Pel Mel

PMHS — The Pel Mel school newspaper of the Pelham Memorial High School informs students about what’s going on in their school. The staff is always covering the latest news and events.

“We produce 12-page papers every six weeks,” said teacher and advisor Neil Schleifer.

Forty-plus writers and editors make that happen with a well organized operation.

There are two journalism classes, plus a club that meets after school, allowing more students to participate. 

Maria Comerford, a news editor, said, “My favorite part of being in the newspaper is being knowledgeable about what’s happening in Pelham. My favorite story I wrote was an editorial about Thanksgiving and if we should celebrate it.”

Meghan Stevens, clubs editor, said, “My favorite story is the story I did on the French club. It was fun to learn about and see what the French club is doing.”

The journalism classroom has about 20 desks with a smart board in front of them. When you walk in, the desks are on the left and at least 12 computers on the right. 

“I am the associate features editor,” said Julia Kaplansky. “I chose this because I enjoy the features. This is my second year. I love to write, so I decided to write for all of Pelham.”

Ryan Gregware, sports editor, said, “Last year, I did this broadcast class, and I wanted to take a step higher because I love writing. I am one of the sports editors. I chose this because I love sports and professional sports and high school sports teams.” 

“I think it helps you develop as a writer,” said staff reporter Nevan Malwana. “I feel like the older kids are helping me a lot.”

A fun fact about the Pel Mel is they do five different print issues a year. Another is they proofread each issue 17 times, according to Schleifer.