Hiring is Principal Wilson’s top goal for next year (from our June print edition)

One of Principal Tonya Wilson’s big goals for next year is to hire teachers since some staff is either retiring or will be away on leave.

Jo Ann Hintzen is retiring as Kindergarten teacher and physical education teacher Sara Bagwell will be on leave. Mrs. Wilson also needs to hire a speech teacher and would like to hire even more than a gym teacher, a speech teacher, and a Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Wilson said she has other new leads replacements to find.

“I would like to hold outside-of-school meetings with kids and parents,” said Mrs. Wilson. “So like doing bike rides in the Bronx.”

“I would like to add more student voice,” said Mrs. Wilson. “And I’ll be hiring new lead replacements for a bunch of grades and extracurriculars. I would also love to add parent and kid initiative activities such as bike rides. The adults would love it, but the kids might not like getting up on the weekend to ride bikes with the parents and other kids.”

Mrs. Wilson is excited for the next school year as this one is winding down with its traditional events midst the warming days of summer.

Mrs. Wilson would like to add new activities for buddy meet-ups to make them more fun. She also wants to add more volunteer activities for the students to get involved with, as well as tons of volunteer activities not only for the school but for the members of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

Mrs. Wilson wants to mix the PTA and student government together because she wants to merge the ideas from each of them. She would like to start book clubs for parents and kids and drama clubs for the kids. (A drama club was run for several weeks this year when high school students from the Sock ‘n’ Buskin theater group came to cover and taught students after school.)

As she is every year, Mrs. Wilson is very excited to meet the new Kindergartners who will begin their elementary school careers in the building the fifth graders are leaving.