Principal Wilson talks about bullying (from our June print edition)


Arden Keough

Principal Tonya Wilson spoke at a town meeting for the second grade.

COLONIAL GYM — Principal Tonya Wilson held a meeting in March about issues like bullying and plans to continue more town meetings over the final months of school. In her talk to the fifth graders, she covered cyberbullying using social media and how to protect your privacy.

The timing of the meetings was set because some fifth graders will receive iPhones or other smartphones for their moving-up present. Others will get the devices later on but still will need to know the information. Along with getting a phone, many kids will be allowed to sign up for social media services like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tic Toc and Facebook.  

Bullying and cyberbullying are very similar except bullying happens face to face. Cyberbullying happens on text, calls, with photos on social media and with comments. For example, if someone posts a picture of a person that is supposed to be rated on a scale of one through ten and they give the person a one and says their ugly, according to Mrs. Wilson.

“The things we have now are never deleted,” said Mrs. Wilson. “Be careful of  what you post.” When you post a picture, you should ask permission. “Social media isn’t always a bad thing,” she said. 

Though Mrs. Wilson said social media can be a bad thing, she does agree it doesn’t always result in bad situations as long as student use it in smart ways.

“You should have a good definition about bullying,” Scott Silvestri, school psychologist for Colonial and Siwanoy schools. “Most of the time when kids are getting bullied, the kids go to their parents, but I think it is important that they know they can come to me and any teacher.”

 Mr. Silvestri has tips on how to help out someone who is being bullied: “Try to listen and understand what is happening.”