Students win Perennial Math awards (from our June print edition)


Maggie Memoli

Anna Shiels and Todd Kerman were the fourth grade winners.

COLONIAL CLASSROOMS — There were many Perennial Math award winners this year, a few from each grade from third and up to fifth.

Everybody in Perennial Math got a participation award. Students had to sign a permission slip to participate. Perennial Math is a program where you study and do math problems that are supposed to challenge you and you have tests to do.

Anna Shiels of the fourth grade said she was happy to win. She said it took practice, study and effort. “It was definitely fun,” she said.

Todd Kerman, a fourth grader, said he felt great about winning, and he also felt proud of himself. He said it took effort and practice. He also thought it was very fun.

Fifth grader Finbar Doyle said, “I didn’t think I would win.” He also thought it took effort and practice because when he was in third grade he did not try and he didn’t win Perennial Math. He also thought it was really fun.

Edward Spencer, a third grader, said he was happy about winning. He also thought it took both effort and practice to win. He thought Perennial Math was very fun.

Third grader Aviv Eliezer said he thinks people should look up to him but he doesn’t feel very proud of himself. He also thought it took effort and practice.

Lily Reid, who is in the fifth grade, said, “I feel like it took a lot of hard work and it was fun to be recognized for getting in the top ten percent.” She said it took studying, practice and effort. She said it was fun to progress from third to fifth grade.

Fifth grader Gavin Brown said it felt really good to win Perennial Math. He thought it took studying, practice and effort. “I’ve been doing it for three years and it was really cool to see the test,” he said.