Colonial grad Carly McNamara returns to intern at school (from our June print edition)

Carly McNamara, a 2013 graduate of Colonial School and now a high school junior, interned in Catherine Rodriguez’s classroom from May 20 until May 31. 

Carly said she enjoys teaching in Mrs. Rodriguez’s classroom and hopes to continue with teaching. She goes to boarding school now, but wanted to come back to Colonial for her internship.

“One of the reasons I came back to Colonial is because I’m a junior, and at the end of May, we have a event called May Program,” Carly said. “During May Program, you can either work on or off campus. I chose to work off campus here at Colonial.”

“I wanted to attend Colonial because I came here and I wanted to work with the ACE kids and Ms. Rodriguez,” Carly said. “When I was at Colonial, I was one of the first buddies for the ACE kids. I did it with my friends at lunch, but now I work with them full time, and I even set up a little math section in the corner of our room.”