Congratulations to Colonial School Class of 2019! (from our June print edition)


5th GRADE CLASSROOMS — On June 17, the Colonial School fifth graders will have their graduation. The ceremony will be in the Pelham Middle School gym, where they will be moving up.

After, they will go to The New York Athletic Club, where they will have their party. There are a lot of steps to moving up, such as visiting the Pelham Middle School, upcoming field trips and many projects. At the ceremony, they will sing “Get Back up Again” from Trolls and make a speech about their favorite memory.

Luke Dolan said, “Yes I am excited because I have heard good things about middle school. I hope I get to classes on time because I don’t want to be late. My favorite memory would be Ellis Island and the aquarium field trips because they were both a great experience and it was fun to learn about it.”

“I am excited because I will be able to make new friends,” Taylor Danzis said. “I get a locker and I heard the food’s better. I am scared that I am going to be bullied, and I am going to be late to all my classes. My favorite memory was Boundless Adventures because we went ziplining and it was on my birthday. I am surprised because Colonial went so fast.”

William Russelo is looking forward to PMS because “it’s bigger and I like moving around. My fears for sixth grade are missing homework. My favorite memory is Ellis Island because we talked a lot, we got food and it was a good history learning experience.”

On the last day of the year, the fifth graders get clapped out of the school, walking through the hallways to applause and high fives. On May 31, field day was held at Glover Field with the fifth graders from all four schools attending.

“I am sad to leave you guys,” said fifth grade teacher Jeneane Salerno. “I like you guys. I am excited for you, but sad for me. My favorite memory is Boundless Adventures because it was fun watching you guys. Top Chef was one and Ella on the Shelf and watching ‘Mystery doug.’ I am excited for you because I know what middle school has in store for you guys. And I know that you are going to make new friends.”