Todd Kerman elected president of Student Government

Todd Kerman elected president of Student Government

COLONIAL GYM — Todd Kerman and Harrison Anderson ran against each other for president of Student Government, with Todd winning. Last year, they were both class representatives. This year, they wanted to take it a step up.

First, Harrison ran against Rocco Lee, Shylah Horan and Sophie Kim in class 5P, while Todd was up against Max Berry, Audrey Pursel, Adam Lee and Ryan Feldman in 5S.

“I was just happy, so so happy,” said Todd of winning.

Before he gave his speech, Todd said, “Well, it felt like, I guess, I had nothing to lose.”

Harrison said he was “pretty nervous and anxious, and I don’t like public speaking because I’m not good at it.”

Todd said after he read his speech “I just wanted Harrison’s speech to be over, and I wanted to vote, so I could find out who won.”

Harrison said he was relieved when his speech was done.