Inside at recess: Lunchtime enrichment and indoor recess offer different opportunities

COLONIAL CLASSROOMSLunchtime enrichment programs and indoor offer students different opportunities.

Over the years in Colonial, students have been able to sign up for various lunchtime enrichment classes. Some include magic, animation, karate and architecture. Students also have the opportunity to play during indoor recess when the weather is bad.

“I like playing with Legos and making creations,” said Reid Ricasio. “I just love Legos.”

During indoor recess, you can go to the three movie rooms and the library.

“I like the movie room and the library because there are a lot of funny movies to watch,” said William Kapplow. “I like that you can play with Legos. My friends and I made a huge mansion, but it is probably destroyed. We don’t move around that much.”

Caden Espinosa is one of the students who does lunchtime enrichment, which takes place in empty classrooms.

“I signed up for computer programming, and I also like video games—so designing one, I thought, it would be cool,” said Caden.

Ben Wolf is a fellow student who enjoys lunchtime enrichment.

“I liked magic because I enjoy all the tricks, and I liked the teacher too,” Ben said.