The Box Top App is now available in Colonial School

COLONIAL โ€” The Box Top App is an app that can scan box tops or receipts will give you the ponts online for the school. The app is now available in the app store. 

“The Box Top App is easier for students, teachers and parents to send box tops to the school,” said Mrs. Claire Cavalli, a second grade teacher. “Instead of putting the box tops downstairs in the box, you can do it online. The app asks what school the student goes to, then when you scan the receipt it puts points into the school.”

“You have to take a picture of the receipt then you get points,” said first grade teacher Mrs. Jeanette Golkowski.

Ryan Kraus (3M) said, “You take your receipt from the  store. Then, you scan the receipt and the app gives you points.” Ryan’s mother has the app, and she enjoys using it instead of bringing the box tops in.

Mrs. Sara Bagwell, the physical education teacher, said, “I know you have to save the receipts so you can take a picture and gain points.”

Jonathan Magambo (5P) said, “You scan the receipt on the app, then you earn points.”