Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday that celebrates friendship at Colonial

COLONIAL SCHOOL โ€” Valentine’s Day is a great day to show friendship. Many kids are excited for this holiday to come in February.

Cathleen Ginsburg from 5S said, “I am very excited because it is an amazing day.”

“I’m so excited because I like how every person in your class gives you Valentines,” Isabelle Geyer from 3M said. She said that it will probably be a little bit different because she is now in a different class, with new classmates.

I like making chocolate-covered pretzels for my class.”

— Ella Memoli

Connor Ginsburg from 2C said he likes to get the Bakugan toy on Valentine’s Day as a present from his family.

“I am excited because of the candy,” said Louise Tulley from 2D. “I think our class might not celebrate Valentine’s Day like other classes do.” She said that she loves to get all the candy from the other students.

Todd Kerman from 5S said, “I like when everyone exchanges cards. I also like to see all of the cards that everyone makes themselves.”

“I like making chocolate-covered pretzels for my class,” said Ella Memoli. “I am so excited because we get candy.” She said that it might be different because students might give out different things then the years before.