24 Club: Fun, competitive way to get better at math by figuring to 24 from four numbers


Students play the 24 Game with cards like this.

COLONIAL — 24 Club helps kids get better at math, but in a fun way. The basic goal is to get to 24 before the other opponents using four numbers on a card.

The way 24 card works is you have to multiply, divide, add and subtract by only using each number once. Points are awarded by solving a card that is either 3 dots, 2 dots or 1 dot. When you solve a card with a number of dots, you that amount added to your score.

“The reason I joined 24 Club is because I am excited to get better at solving number problems,” Amelia Blake (5S) said. “I also want to get to know my competition, and I think Colonial has a chance of winning the competition.”

Students who get the most points in the tournament at Colonial will go to a championship at Siwanoy School to try to win the trophy for their school. During the tournament, once you solve the card, you have to tap it in order to say the solution.

Aine Proffitt (5P) said, “I am excited about learning how you can find ways to get 24.”

” I joined 24 club because it seems like fun, and I want to get better at math,” said Luke Fear (5P).