Teachers don’t love virtual teaching but face challenge, miss seeing students in person

Because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, schools have shut down across the country. As a result, students have to learn at home, which is hard for students and teachers everywhere.

Ron Martucci, a fourth grade teacher at Colonial School, said, “It is challenging to teach virtually, and I miss teaching in person. I think it is working, but it mainly depends on the student. I think that it works better for people who are better with technology. I would like for all my students to have all the textbooks they would have had at school.”

Sara Bagwell, the gym teacher, said, “I do not like teaching virtually. But we are still figuring it out. I think it is working. I would like to see my students more often because I need to see what physical activities my students are doing. It is too early to see what I would want to change.”

Angelo Carideo, this reporter’s uncle and a middle school teacher in Brooklyn, said, “I do enjoy remote teaching because it gives my students a chance to try something new. It’s working okay. The students seem to enjoy it. But I would like for all my students to have a working computer.”

It will take more time to know how well remote learning is working.