Virtual birthday parties: ‘During these tough times, my friends could still celebrate with me’


PELHAMKids are now having virtual birthday parties due to Covid-19.

Due to the outbreak, kids have been having online and drive-up birthday parties.

For Reen Dolan’s online party, her mom dropped off cupcakes to everyone who took part in it. Then everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Reen on a video call and ate their cupcake.

“I liked it because during these tough times my friends could still celebrate with me,” Reen Dolan said.

But not all parties during Covid-19 are online. Courtlyn Ahitow stood outside her house next to a big birthday sign, while friends walked, biked and drove past her house, wishing her a happy birthday. From afar, people dropped off gifts and signs for Courtlyn.

“I think having a quarantined birthday was kinda exciting,” said Courtlyn Ahitow. “It was wonderful to see my friends, and see that they were safe, healthy and fighting the virus along with me.”

Some people don’t have birthday parties during Covid. Others have online ones or a drive-by. But if you’re going to have a birthday party, you have to do it the safe way.