Colonial student government produces weekly program ‘Paws Today’

THE INTERNETThe Colonial Student Government is keeping peers updated with “Paws Today.”

“Paws Today” is a mini-movie that reports on the weather and gives jokes, science experiments and recipes.

“I like that the whole school can see it, and that they can know the news,” said Zoe Helmer, a Student Government member who did a sports report on the show.

Zoe talked about different things you could do to kill some time that were sports related.

But things on the show could change. “In Student Government, everyone has a say, so if I thought something should change, I could just ask and we could hold a vote,” Zoe said.

“Paws Today” is a great series that is available for the entire school. Every week, the new show is emailed to the teachers. They then post it on their Google Classroom and present it in class meetings.

“I like Student Government because we all work as a team and everyone has a job,” Zoe said.