Colonial tradition pasta night goes virtual, with takeout from Rockwells and different raffle prizes


The food for pasta night will be picked up by families at Rockwells.

Pasta night is an annual evening of fun for Colonial School when students gather in the Pelham Middle School gym to eat pasta, dance and maybe win a raffle prize. But because of Covid-19, pasta night on March 25 will look different this year—like a lot of other things.

“The biggest change this year is that we have to do it virtually,” said Linda Bethea, a PTA member.

Students will enjoy pasta picked up from Rockwells while participating in a zoom featuring DJ Ruben.

Although pasta night is virtual this year, the raffle will still take place. But some prizes have been removed.

“This year we will no longer have pie-a-teacher-in-the-face as a prize,” said Bethea. “It’s not safe with social distancing rules.”

As well as prizes being removed, new ones will be added. Gift cards to Double Rainbow and Patty Pops are just some of those.