Hybrid learning brings mixture of positives and negatives for students


Many people know Colonial School is in a hybrid situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students have likes and dislikes.

Many students say their favorite reason about being in-person is that they can play with their friends.

The student body is divided into cohorts by last name: A-M is cohort A and N-Z is cohort B.

Some students wish they could also see the people in the other cohort during the school day. The least favorite part about being in person for most is that they have to wear a mask all the time—and they favor virtual because they don’t have to wear one.

“It is harder to socialize when you are virtual, but when you are six-feet apart it is even harder,” said Brayden Clark (5S).

Students face many struggles with both the changes to being in school and learning from home. The challenges with learning in school include plastic dividers on the desks, staying six-feet apart when lining up and wearing masks constantly. However, when learning from home, students do not get as much attention and there are technical difficulties.

“I think I can talk to the teacher more and ask more questions” when in school, said Lexi Glantz, a fifth grader.

Many would rather be in-school more despite the masks and distancing because they can talk to the teacher more.

“I don’t like being virtial because I can’t see my friends faces, but I can’t argue because I never do,” said Elizabeth Hemsley.