Diary of Colonial in time of Covid: Classrooms get new personal barriers without white frames


Almost all the classrooms have new personal barriers. The old barriers had white cardboard on the edges. You have probably seen the middle schoolers and high schoolers carrying these when they walk to and from school. Now, in most of the classrooms at Colonial, the barriers are made of all plastic with no white frame. Most kids prefer the new ones over the old.

—Jean English

Pasta night was different then a normal pasta night. It was virtual. Most people said it was better because there was a dance teacher and a DJ who is a dad to a student at Colonial. It was nice for the fifth graders because when they were dancing, the video feed would spotlight them, and everyone could see them dance. Overall, it was a good pasta night.

—Thomas O’Brien 

This month, Colonial School is supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through the Hero Squad program (formerly Pennies for Patients). Hero Squad donations help people with blood cancer.

The Colonial student government would love it if you would donate. You can find more information in the Growl or in a Colonial student’s Google classroom.

—Thomas O’Brien 


This week, the classrooms will be filled up with more of the furniture that we would have in a normal school year. Does this possibly mean something?

—Kyser Haines

Fifth grade teacher Jeneane Salerno recently got the coronavirus vaccine. “I feel a sense of relief that I am vaccinated, and hopeful that it will stop the spread and we can all start living life again,” Mrs. Salerno said. She was out of work for three days after getting the vaccine. “The teachers, like so many others, have been having difficulty getting appointments for the vaccine. I would guess that half of the staff at Colonial have had their first dose.”

—Finley Bethea

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating the diary with news, changes we see, interesting tidbits, funny stories and the weirdness of this year.