Third grader Kendall Clark writes Colonial School anthem; video made


COLONIAL — Third grader Kendall Clark wrote a song all about the school.

With the help of Mrs. Mckee (the mother of two Colonial students), Mrs.Baumgardner (Mrs.Mckee’s mom) and Mr. Katz (Colonial’s music teacher), she turned her song into Colonial School’s anthem. And a video was made that includes many Colonial students in every grade singing it.

Mrs. Mckee had heard the song and came up with the idea to make the video. She sent Mr. Katz a recording of her singing the song with Mrs. Baumgardner playing on the piano. Mr. Katz decided to make a virtual choir video of the song. He used Mrs. Mckee and Mrs. Baumgardner’s video as a reference to teach kids the song. The students made the video on Flipgrid. Mr. Katz edited all the individual videos into one of everybody singing the song together.

The finished product took about two months to make.

“Some days, I would edit for a half hour, and some days I would work for three hours,” said Mr. Katz. “It was like doing a really fun, challenging puzzle. I wanted to fit everyone in and continue to make Kendall’s great song sound great every day.”

In the end, the production turned out great and was posted to Google Classroom on April 17.

Those with access to Google Classroom can watch it here.