The Goblin’s Revenge

Once upon a time there was a baker. He was the best baker in the kingdom. He was big. He looked like he was in his early 40’s. He was nice. His smile wanted you to eat from his bakery. One day a goblin came into his shop. He was about three feet tall, 50 to 60 pounds, and had a permanent angry face. The goblin offered the baker 50 gold coins for the whole bakery . The baker thought about this. 50 gold coins was a lot of money. But the baker couldn’t, he said “NO”! The goblin left the store angrily.The goblin was going to the witch. The witch made him a potion. She said, “This is one of my favorites, ” and then disappeared. Meanwhile the baker was requested to make cupcakes for the king’s daughter’s birthday. When the goblin heard this he chuckled. The day of ┬áthe party the goblin secretly snuck the potion into the cupcakes when nobody was looking. The King’s daughter got the first bite of the cupcakes. Suddenly she grew into a big TROLL! The King was outraged. He sent the baker to jail. The Baker had his two toddlers on his legs weeping, “We don’t want you to go jail,” but he was thrown in jail for a life sentence for disrespecting the King. By the time this was happening the kids were screaming their lungs out of their bodies. The Goblin felt awful for the Baker and set him free. The Goblin and the Baker got an anti-troll potion and gave it to the King. The King’s daughter turned back into a person. And every one was happy again!

This story was edited by Literary Magazine Editor Gabby Ahitow.