Anastas, schoolmates help lost Stormy get home

PELHAMWOOD — Owen Anastas and several Colonial schoolmates spotted a lost dog named Stormy on Jan. 20 and helped return the pooch to his owners in New Rochelle.

The students saw the grey and white husky on Highbrook Avenue after school between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m.

Anastas, a fifth grader, asked, “Mom is that a lost dog?” Owen’s mom replied, “No, I think it lives there.”

Owen chased Stormy through the yards on Highbrook, and came close enough to spot a collar so he knew the dog had to have an owner. After several runs up and down Highbrook, Owen caught Stormy and with adults called 911. They learned Stormy was lost from New Rochelle.

“It feels great,” said Owen after Stormy’s return home.