How is student life different at Siwanoy? More assemblies and playgrounds

SIWANOY SCHOOL — Have you ever wondered what life is like at other schools? Now you can find out what it’s like at Siwanoy School.

Meghan Stevens, fifth grader at Siwanoy, said every day 5 in the gym they have an assembly.

“At each town meeting, we have a message from our principal and an update from our student government, then we have town performers come and do a skit. They are from 2:15 pm  to dismissal.”

Colonial does not have town meetings that often.

“At recess, the younger kids have a playground, and the fifth and fourth graders have a playground,” she said. “The fifth and fourth grade share the lower playground, and the second, third and kindergarten share the upper playground.”

The kids at Siwanoy eat lunch in 20 minute periods, while Colonial has two half-hour lunch periods. “Fifth, fourth and kindergarten eat together from 12 to 12:20 pm,” Meghan said. “Then we go outside until one o’clock. The first, second and third grade go in to eat from 12:20 to 12:40 pm, then come back out and everyone plays!”