Pure Bliss Yogurt opens downtown with frozen treats, tea and coffee

DOWNTOWN PELHAM — Pure Bliss Yogurt and Juice Bar opened with frozen yogurt, tea and coffee on the menu. It is a family business.

Marco, the owner, said he came up with the name because it sounds clean and healthy and the shop’s frozen yogurt is healthy and clean.

“We make our yogurt fresh not frozen,” Marco said. “We’re planning on having juices, wheatgrass and smoothies.”

Bliss has many flavors. Some of their flavors are cable-car chocolate, coffee, vanilla and Alpine vanilla. They even have flavors for lactose intolerant people, including pomegranate and raspberry.

Bliss has Christmas flavors like peppermint stick, eggnog and gingerbread house.

Marco said he decided to have a frozen yogurt store “because I like desert and I have a sweet tooth.”

Bliss is also offering kid parties.

So what tasty and creamy choice will you make?