Pelhamwood greenway park, including old railroad bridge, getting renovations


The old train bridge that crosses Highbrook Avenue is part of the Greenway.

PELHAMWOOD — The Young Avenue greenway is now getting renovations. The work started in the summer of 2013.

The park is located off of Young Avenue and continues to Lincoln Avenue. This is a family space that offers benches to sit on and free space to run and play sports. It’s official name is the Highbrook Highline, and it has a website. The space was originally part of a railroad and includes the old railroad bridge over Highbrook Avenue.

There are pretty orange leaves in the fall here and also pretty flowers that catch your eye. Although dogs are not allowed off of their leashes, it still is a dog friendly space. The space has pretty trees that were donated by Mrs. Gin, who is a citizen of Pelham. She lives right by the gates into the park.

Mrs. Susan Mutti has put a lot of effort into this green space so that it would be finished in time for the cold, long winter and so people will be pleased to have an extra space to roam freely.