Sewing class on Second Street: having fun with Mary Anne Ciccotelli


Mary Anne Ciccotelli's website talks about her sewing classes and other activities.

PELHAM — A women with the love of sewing started a program for kids who wanted to learn to sew and turn scraps into wraps.

Mary Anne Ciccotelli of Second Street has won a good amount of ribbons and holds the program in her cozy basement.

The class is enjoyed by many, including student Tessa Ross. “I love making projects that look like a straight line and become a shirt or skirt.” Tessa said.

Ms. Ciccotelli teaches classes not only for kids, but she also has classes for adults.

The classes are great for an after-school activity to make your own creations with the fabric and have fun.

There are summer classes and school-year classes. In the summer, half way through a class there is an ice pop break. Students can also stay for lunch.

During the school year, the classes are two hours long.