Pelham students travel with Thornton-Donovan up north to Iceland, Denmark, Sweden


ICELAND, DENMARK, SWEDEN — A private school in New Rochelle called Thornton-Donovan traveled to Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. Several of the students on the trip live in Pelham. The trip began with a four-hour plane ride that arrived at 2:00 am New York time, which is 6:00 am Iceland time.

The visitors took a tour bus from the airport for some sightseeing. They went to some waterfalls and hot springs. Then they went to a lagoon called The Blue Lagoon, which is a lagoon with blue water that is good for the skin.

“I liked the Blue Lagoon because of the blue warm water,” said William Ohmes, a third grader at T-D.

The next day early in the morning, everyone woke up tired but went straight from breakfast to the bus. They passed some more waterfalls and ended up at a beach. This wasn’t a regular beach that you can find in the south. This beach’s sand is black and filled with ash from the nearby volcanoes.

After that day, T-D stopped at a geothermal power plant that uses the heat from the warm, natural water in Iceland to make electricity. Then they saw some hot springs and geysers that erupt every five minutes. After that, they visited some volcanoes and more waterfalls and went back to the hotel.

The group tried to see the Northern Lights, which are green lights that can sometimes be seen in the sky. They failed to find them.

“I was disappointed that I didn’t see the lights,” said Aaron Bagwell a T-D student who lives in Pelham.

The next day, the T-D tourists visited a church in the capital city Reykjavik. It is the tallest church in Iceland. They moved on to the home of the president of Iceland and even got to meet with him.

After dinner, they tried to find the Northern Lights again and succeeded this time.

“It was really exciting that we saw the lights on our second try, but I think that the lights look better on movies and cameras,” said Aaron.

The next day, the Thornton-Donovan group woke up and drove to a concert hall that was built out of glass, after which they saw some landmarks and finished at the hotel.

They woke up at 4:00 am the following morning and ate breakfast. They got on a plane to Denmark.

They spent a few days in Denmark and took a train for a day in Sweden.

“I liked Iceland the best because of the natural wonders like the lagoons and volcanoes,” said Aaron.

Overall, the Thornton-Donovan students, teachers and parents loved the trip.

“It was an amazing opportunity for students, teachers and parents to see another part of the world,” said Meredith Ohmes, a Colonial and T-D parent. “Iceland is impressive because of how they take advantage of their natural resources with the whole country being geothermal.”