Giants special teams captain Zak DeOssie kicks off annual Color Run (from our June print edition)


Three runners were left decorated with the run’s rainbow corn starch.

PELHAM MANOR — Zak DeOssie, captain of the Giants special teams, started and led this year’s annual Color Run, bringing a thrill of excitement to Pelham.

The Pelham Color Run started at 10 Westward Lane and Esplanade and went down the streets of Pelham Manor for 2.5 miles, ending on the playground of Siwanoy Elementary School. The race lasted for four hours, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Mr. DeOssie said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of leading the race this year. “I heard about the Color Run from a close family friend, Dick Frost,” he said. “He and I think it’s great. You get all of these kids involved in the community and educate young generations.”

Every half mile, volunteers threw colored corn starch to mark white Color Run t-shirts—and hair, faces, arms and legs.  The Color Run is open to adults, young and old children, whole families and even pets. At the end of the race, food and beverages were provided to all the runners and their supporters. Two dance teachers played music and taught kids some dance moves.

Marin Ciaolla said, “I love the Color Run. My favorite part is when the color is being thrown at you.”

The Color Run was started by Project Community. Every year, Project Community provides support to different organizations that help people with developmental disabilities with their needs.

According to Project Community’s website, the group “began over 30 years ago, as the Nurses Network of America, when a small group of nurses partnered with their community to provide healthcare knowledge.”

Justine O’Brien, who was helping sell tickets for the race, said, “I have been working with Project Community for five months, and it is a fun way to bring the town together and help raise money for an amazing organization.”