Pelham Music Festival brings together many performers Jan. 25 at country club

PELHAM — The Pelham Music Festival will be performed Jan. 25 at the Pelham Country Club.

Many schools will precipitate in the festival. Students are going to be playing band instruments, strings instruments and many others. All grades are welcome to watch or participate.

“It would benefit kids and parents,” said Finley Bethea . “I think it will bring them closer together. Plus, music is great.”

The Pelham Music Festival is a good way to connect people. It’s a very cheerful weekend. People in Pelham are very happy when they hear music, and people who play the music are even happier.

“I’m excited because we’re doing a Russian folk song by Beethoven,” said Sophie Kim “But I’m also a little nervous because I might mess up because the music is kind of hard to master.”