Week 2 rec soccer report: boys grades 3 and 4

Liverpool 3 –  Manchester United 2

In a close game, Chris Gaine of Liverpool scored the first goal. Manchester United then scored 2 quick goals to take the lead. A strong offense featuring Matthew Prince and Lucas Matos allowed Jimmy Staller to score 2 goals to give Liverpool the lead. Tough defense by Aidan Kiernan, Conor Matz and Aidan Walsh was able to prevent anymore scoring to preserve the win for Liverpool.  Manchester’s offensive attack was led by Jeremiah Reen, Beu Reavey and James Rebholz.   Henry Barron and Christina Shiels combined on defense to thwart several Liverpool advances.  Manchester’s Gavin Fear, Thomas Topogna and Harrison Sylver played outstanding from the mid field.

Arsenal 3 – Celtics 0

Despite several aggressive drives by the Celtics Luke DeVivo and Emmett Doyle, the Arsenal defense held the line. Marco Gracie and Nicholas Cross brought tenacious defense for the Celtics, thwarting Arsenal’s advances. For Arsenal, great defensive play was led JP O’Meara and Danny Lauter.  Charlie Pedorella paced the Arsenal offense with 2 goals, with Phillip Dulock adding another.

Tottenham 5 –  Everton 3

Under the lights, Tottenham defeated Everton as Tottenham was led by the hustle and goal scoring of Matthew Meyer.  Charles Kolin proved to be relentless along with Thomas Fontella who set us numerous scoring opportunities for teammates Matthew Gregware, Tayib Khawaja and Dean Carotenuto.

Tottenham 2 –  Cork City 1

Tottenham was lead by James Nespole’s midfield play. Noah Breskin, Michael Mazzaro and Christian Marciano played solid all game.  After Tottenham scored its first goal Nic Shotkoski brought Cork City even.  Long offensive runs by Colin Paparelli, Bruk Paul, Samuel Sucena and Zachary Brown consistently put the ball in Tottenham territory.  The defense of Jordan Stewart, Brandon Beharry, Matthew LiVigni, Michael Mitrione, Harry Wang and Charlie Moderelli turned back numerous Tottenham chances

Cork City 3 – Chelsea 1

Under the lights Friday, Cork City survived a furious late rally by Chelsea.  Goals by Zachary Brown and Nic Shotkoski proved the difference.  Bruk Paul, Brandon Beharry, Jordan Stewart and Matthew LiVigni added offensive pressure.  The defense that turned back the late rally was led by Charlie Moderelli, Colin Paparelli Samuel Sucena and Harry Wang.  Michael Mitrione was solid in goal.  Nicholas Cruz scored the lone goal for Chelsea, blasting a shot from just inside the 18 to the top left corner.  The middle of the field was patrolled admirably by Logan Mueller and Eddie Dunhill, who were able to keep the game close.  The defense was led by strong efforts from Henry Knapp and Michael Micciche.

Queens Park Rangers 3 – Chelsea 1

QPR came back from a 1-0 deficit on second period goals from Michael Sanella and Max Resnick and held on for the victory.   Brandon Mory played a dominating midfield and Eli Whalen and Spencer Nappi played some terrific goal in the winning effort.  Chelsea’s defense was led by Jack Murphy and Charles Phillips, who tireless play kept things close.  Chelsea’s single goal was scored by Eddie Dunhill, following a brief scrap in front of the goal.  Strong performances in goal were turned in by Sean Holley and Henry Knapp.

Boca 5 – Everton 1

Team Boca clinched a hard fought victory with team leaders Lucas Fredbeck, Lance Brady and Henry Gutch with a solid middle and a couple goals between them.  League newcomer Calvin Hoeh had his first of which will be many goals.  Daniel Lisanti had some great break-aways and helped move the ball downfield in this deserved win.  Everton goal scoring was led by Matthew McInerney with support from Jack Herin and Jack Doherty. Hudson Hardwick defended well in goal supported by Cole Mackool and Zack Leonard.