Week 3 rec soccer report: boys grade 3 and 4

Liverpool 2, Queens Park Rangers 1
In a hard fought and very well played game under tough conditions at the Underdome. Christopher Carey played superbly in goal in the first half and in midfield in the second for Liverpool.  QPR took a 1-0 lead as Aidan and Max Resnick played an intense defense and Cameron Ubaldi played a strong midfield.  In the 4th quarter strong play by Aidan Kiernan combined with two big offensive pushes allowed Connor Kagel to score the tying goal and then Matthew Cannella to score the winning goal for Liverpool.

Arsenal 6, Rangers 2
Andy Radvany and Phillip Dulock paced the Arsenal offense with two goals each with Charlie Pedorella and Aiden Levy adding one goal each.  Guy Eustace, Evan Sefchick and Stefano Grammatica anchored a strong Arsenal defense.  For the Rangers, Emmett McLaughlin, Graham Johnson and Timmy Fields played fierce defense.

Cork City 1, Boca 0
Late in the game Sam Sucena made a perfect pass to a streaking Nic Shotkoski who found the back of the net for the game winner.  Michael Mitrione, Bruk Paul and Zachary Brown’s work in goal kept the opponents off the board.  Matthew LiVigni, Colin Paparelli and Jordan Stewart worked to keep the ball in the opponents while the defensive combination of Harry Wang and Charlie Moderelli helped preserve the victory.

Manchester United 2, Celtics 0
The game started out with strong offensive play by the ferocious Tahbaz duo.  Celtics dominated play for the entire first quarter but failed to goal. Despite Sam Plunkett’s heroic goaltending ManU scored twice in the second quarter.  In the second half, the Celtic offense again led by the tenacious Tahbaz twins pummeled the other teams defense but still could not finish with a goal.  ManU’s Jeremiah Reen and Gavin Fear led the attacks supported by great defense by Henry Barron and Charlie Reen.   Christian Shiels fended of blistering Celtic shots on goal in the fourth quarter to keep Manchester’s lead.  Thomas Topogna and Gianfranco DeChairo showed great hustle to push ManU advances deep into Celtic territory for most of the game.

Chelsea 4, Tottenham 2
Chelsea got its first win of the season over a tough Tottenham side.  Two goals by Nicholas Cruz and one each by Logan Mueller and Eddie Dunhill broke open a close game at the half.  The defense was anchored by Sean Holley and Robert Bischof, with strong efforts by Javier Mendez and Elliot Brandler.  Tottenham lost despite a strong effort lead by Noah Breskin and Matthew Gregware.

Ajax 6, Everton 0
For Ajax, early in the first quarter, Matthew Reynolds rocketed the ball to the back of the net, with an assist from Josh Goldman. Ian Kuster’s fabulous footwork and expert moves resulted in two goals. Anthony Romano, Benjy Schneider and Anthony Vermes added goals aided by solid teamwork and  clearing passes from  Zachary Morgan and Ethan Lee. The second half highlighted the fierce defensive skills of Dylan Lee, Christopher Hartigan, and Vikram Jallepalli. Ajax was consistent in turning back the many advances of the Everton players.    Everton players Ajdin Pelinkovic and Michael McInerney stood tall in goal as our entire squad toiled without substitutions. Jack Dougherty, Cole Mackool and Aidan Emery foiled the Ajax attack in the second half while Matthew McInerney, Sanjay Seecharan and Zach Leonard tried to create offense with good passing.