Eight teams win trophies in Rec’s Pelham Cup

PELHAM PLAYING FIELDS — The Pelham Cup was held Oct. 22. There were eight winning teams in the Rec Soccer tournament. Here they are:

Boys, grades 3-4

  • Arensal (Lionel Messi Division)
  • Cork City (Christiano Ronaldo Division)
  • Celtic (Wayne Rooney Division)

Girls, grades 3-4

  • Barcelona (Abby Wambach Division)
  • Inter Milan (Marta Division)

Boys, grades 5-6

  • Red Fury (David Silva Division)
  • Azzuri (Kaka Division)

Girls, grades 5-6

  • Matildas (Megan Rapinoe Division)

During the cup, my team lost both of its games. But congratulations to the winning teams. I can’t wait until next year.