Fourth graders differ on best sports to play

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Fourth graders have different views on the best sports to play.

Lynn Dvorkin, 4M, said she likes travel soccer and the challenge of playing against different towns. To her, rec soccer is not such a challenge because you play against your friends in your town. She takes travel soccer seriously because she has to go to practice twice a week.

Anna Shampanier-Bowen, 4M, likes rec soccer because it is not as competitive as travel soccer. She prefers softball because it is easier to get points. Also, she likes batting and doing pop-ups. These things you can’t do in soccer. Anna would like to play volleyball, and she is going to try out basketball.

Lynn said her travel team has a coach from Britain. Sometimes it is hard to understand the trainer, she said, but most of the time it is fun to have a trainer who likes to play around with fun soccer games. She also said she likes the good feeling of going to a higher level. This soccer lover ended the interview with: “Soccer is the way to go!”