Coach comes to Colonial to show how flag rugby is played

Coach comes to Colonial to show how flag rugby is played

A rugby ball in Colonial gym.

COLONIAL GYM — Rugby player and coach Anthony Lenos came in to Colonial School on Feb. 1 to teach some of the PE classes how to play flag rugby.

Coach Lenos has played rugby for five years. “I was too small to play football or wrestle in college, so rugby sounded fun to me,” he said.

Some of the games 3K students learned were Eagles Take Flight and rugby relays. In Eagles Take Flight, one of the kids stands in the middle and tries to grab a flag when people run across the gym.

Playing Eagles Take Flight.

And in the relay, they put the ball between their knees and run across the gym.

Miranda Barrett, 3K, said rugby is “fun and you can exercise.”

“It was fun and required lots of agility,” said Henry Knapp of 3K.

The demonstration was a success.

“The other classes are all asking when it’s their turn,” said Mrs. Sara Bagwell, PE teacher. “I love the Sharks in the Tank activity and will probably play that with my third and fourth graders again this year.  Also, several students expressed interest in participating in the rec program so I hope you get a great turnout this spring.”

Students interested in playing flag rugby this spring can contact Pelham Rec at 738-0153 or can visit the Pelham Rugbywebsite.

Rugby relay in the gym.