Pelham Rec basketball camp teaches kids sport the fun way


Manon Bushong, Claudia Dodge, Lindsay McNamara and Maggie Solimine of the Colonial Red rec basketball team.

PMHS — I love basketball. If you do too, then the Pelham Recreation Basketball Camp would be perfect for you.

The camp ran from 9 am to 3 pm Feb. 21-24. It wasn’t all drills. Yes, maybe we did drills, but they were mostly really fun, like the game Knock Out.

In Knock Out, you get in a line. The first two people in line have basketballs. The first one shoots. On your first shot, you shoot from the foul line. Then the second person shoots. If they miss, they keep shooting until they make it. Or they will be “Knocked Out” if the person behind them makes one. If you have either shot and made it or you are out, you give the ball to the next person in line. The game goes on until the last person still in wins. Knock Out is really good for shooting skills

Other times we scrimmaged. Usually, we played boys against girls. Scrimmaging was really fun, and it showed what it’s like to be in a game.

When we got to camp in the morning, we warmed up. We did three stretches, then three volunteers took a shot, either a layup, foul shot or a three pointer. It was a great way to start the day.

At lunch, we watched a movie about something that has to do with basketball. Who doesn’t like movies? The movies were an entertaining way to learn different basketball moves. I think it was really clever.

On Friday, there were contests. That’s all I will tell you. The fun way is learning by doing because you can get more engaged. I hope you decide to come to the camp next year. Remember, it’s grades three through 10, though we were broken up in groups based on our ages. I’m definitely going next year. Hope to see you there!