Year in review: Fifth graders try sports seasons in P.E.

COLONIAL GYM — Mrs. Sara Bagwell taught the fifth graders about several different sports during physical education class this school year.
Mrs. Bagwell said she likes to organize the sports so the classes are doing “a little of everything.”

This school year, the fifth graders played five sports: volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, American ball and lacrosse. Volleyball, basketball and floor hockey finished by May, when the classes started lacrosse.

Lacrosse is one of Mrs. Bagwell’s favorite sports. She coaches the Pelham Memorial High School girls team, and she wants the fifth graders to learn to play it.

Mrs. Bagwell said she also loved floor hockey when she was in school. When she found the sticks in her P.E closet, she said to herself “it’s time to use these.”

One single game usually lasts about eight to ten minutes, unless somebody gets hurt or just drops out in the middle of the game. The teams play something like a regular season. At the end of each season, one team from each class comes to compete for the school title.

Mrs. Bagwell also stated that she’s always thinking about how she can make the sports better. For example, she is going to order new goalie sticks for floor hockey next year, so the goalies can actually use goalie sticks instead of the boring old player sticks.

The sports that Mrs. Bagwell chooses give students the ability to pick a favorite and get active. Mrs. Bagwell believes the kids enjoy the sports and the variation also allows them to play sports that they really don’t usually get to try. And she said that these sports teach kids how to have very good teamwork and not be a sore loser.

“I think the sports are fun, and I like basketball the most,” said Grey Allen (5Gold).

Tess Darrow (5V) said, “They are fun and enjoyable.”

Most of the students agreed that the games were fun.

This spring, Mrs. Bagwell is not alone in teaching the sports. For the first time in a long time, Colonial School has had a student teacher for gym. Mrs. Ledden joined Colonial in late April.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had a student teacher,” said Mrs. Bagwell. “She is learning to take over, and hopefully someday she’ll have a class of her own.”

Since a lot of kids in fifth grade play lacrosse, Mrs. Bagwell decided to do a mix of American ball and lacrosse just because she thought there were people who have been playing lax since they were really little, and there were people who had never ever played in their entire life. The latter students can pick American ball instead.

“American ball has a lot less equipment, and it is easier,” said Mrs. Bagwell.

(This story was originally published in the printed year-in-review edition of the Colonial Times.)