Wisdom Way kicks its way to the top with lessons in martial arts for kids of all ages


PELHAM — Wisdom Way Martial Arts offers a cool, fun way to learn how to fight and to get into shape. It’s also right around the corner for most people in town, so it is just a short trip.

I myself (a purple belt) have done martial arts for a few years. Take my word for it, they don’t like chatterboxes in class.

Wisdom Way has three classes: Little Ninjas for ages 4-6, Karate Kids for ages 7-13 and Big Kicks  for 14 and up. Little Ninjas is taught by Kyosa B.J. and Kyosa Kristina. The other classes are taught by Dennis Campo, aka Kyosa. It helps to listen. Mr. Campo is funny and fun. He is also helpful and cool.

Mr. Campo has been teaching for 27 years and said he has “fun most of the time.”

“The kids cooperate 90 percent of the time,” he said. “I hope to teach for the rest of my life just like my teacher.”