Fifth grade starts floor hockey in gym, with three teams per class

COLONIAL GYM — Volleyball has already finished, and lots of people are sad (especially the champions). But you didn’t think Colonial would stop there, did you? Nope! Colonial is now having fifth grade floor hockey, with three teams in each class.

The teams are the Pink Panthers, the Olympians, the Man Eating Grizzlies, the Mighty Muffs, the Snow Pucks, the Big Butt Bunnies, the Colonial Islanders, the Purple Hedgehogs and the Mini Rangers. For protection, Mrs. Sara Bagwell, the gym teacher, has everybody wear knee pads and goggles. In addition to that (but not for safety), you have to wear a colored pinnie that your team chooses.

Brett Bober (5H), captain of the Pink Panthers, said, “Floor hockey is exiting, fun, and it’s not all about winning. But you do need to show responsibility or you’ll keep loosing and that won’t be fun at all.”

Different people have different opinions on changing from volleyball to floor hockey. Cece Caldwell (5H) likes volleyball better than floor hockey. She said people didn’t sit out as much.

Chloe Catana (5S) likes floor hockey better and enjoys the changes.

Floor hockey has a lot of teams, but only one will win it all.